All your moving supplies are here! We are competitively priced, and with your purchase you get expert advice on the “how to” should you need it. Any volume of supplies you may need, we can provided. All your box sizes are available, from your common file/book box to your “hang-up” wardrobe box and more. We can fill your need.

Some people think “just any ole tape will do”, wrong. We carry the movers’ standard. Whether, you need 1 roll or several.

Don’t mess with newspapers to wrap your important pieces. We have clean, cut-to-size paper to wrap and pad your valuables. It won’t leave any ugly residue on your hands or on your valuables. In addition, we carry bubble wrap and dividers and so much more.

If you need a lock for your storage unit, we carry one of the best in the industry: A stainless steel, high security, anti-pick disc padlock which carries a lifetime warranty. You can rest assured in its ability to keep your belongings safe.